Susan Noble for Ward4 Commerce City
Susan Noble for Ward4 Commerce City

Clean air.
Clean water.
Clean government.


We can count on Susan to --

  • Prioritize the Health, Safety and Welfare of Residents over Special Interests
  • Demand our air is clear, our water is clean and our schools and streets are safe
  • Rein in Metropolitan Districts
  • Maximize government accountability, transparency and communication
  • Ensure Commerce City’s Motto, Quality Community for a Lifetime, is the Cornerstone for Every Decision

Susan Noble will stand up for us

We need Susan Noble for Ward 4 Councilor because she has the tenacity and courage to stand up to special interests and to respect our families' health, safety, welfare and quality of life.


Taking Action to Put Health & Safety First


Like you, Susan puts our health and safety first. Here she is with Buffalo Run neighbors talking with State Senator Mike Foote, SB19-181 co-sponsor. As a former journalist and community consultant, Susan's background helps her to inform residents that built a coalition of neighbors from the 30 subdivisions in Commerce City's north range that threatened by the concentration, intensity and harmful impacts of neighborhood oil and gas drilling. She cares about our children, our homes, and our quality of life.

Keeping Commerce City Front and Center


Susan and neighbors took our plea to frack no homes or schools in Commerce City to Governor Polis in 2019. She'll show the same commitment to all issues that concern Commerce City residents, whether metro districts, safe schools and streets, government transparency and communication or north-south relations. Yet, she knows that the proverbial "elephant in the room" is the magnitude of the proposed oil and gas heavy industry infrastructure that will affect the quality of life and  futures of us all.

Serving Our Community


A City Council appointee to the Commerce City Oil and Gas Focus Group, Susan has testified, on our behalf, at state, county and city hearings. A fifth generation Coloradan and CU graduate, she has worked with groups and communities to find solutions to pressing issues including land use and planning, governance, economic development, gun violence prevention and water stewardship. Susan also is a community representative to the CO Department of Public Health and Environment Working Group on toxic water causes and solutions.