Why I’m Running

I am running to continue the work started four years ago to represent you and not special interests, to ensure that your voice is at the table when decisions are made that affect whether Commerce City embodies the city’s motto: A Quality Community for a Lifetime

My efforts on your behalf are grounded in a desire for a future that celebrates our diversity and provides a community we can all enjoy where we live, work, play, shop and learn, where our environment is healthy and our water and air are clean. Where you want to be.

Proudly endorsed by Conservation Colorado, CIRC Action Fund, Working Families and The Sierra Club

You know you can count on me to

  • Put kids first
  • Prioritize your quality of life over special interests
  • Demand air is clear, water is clean and schools and streets are safe
  • Rein in metro districts
  • Advocate for community amenities for all ages
  • Oppose toxic industrial and oil and gas activity in residential areas
  • Foster a city that leads, innovate and diversifies its revenue in recognition of a changing future
  • Ensure your have a voice at the table any time decisions are made that affect you


Proposed and Won Approval of

  • Economic Development Initiatives: Blue Ribbon Economic Development Committee of businesses and residents to recommend best practices to spur new retail (market, restaurants, entertainment) amenities.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Environmental consultants, Environmental Policy Advisory Committee, Xeriscaping, and Sustainability Plan to counter-balance heavy industries and address environmental concerns.
  • Transparency Initiatives: Town Halls in each ward to bring city to you. Campaign finance reporting reform to shine a light. Responsiveness Initiative: Metro District Listening Session to hear all viewpoints and generate options and alternatives.
  • Tenacity Initiatives: New neighborhood park; new staff navigator position for Senior/aging adults to meet daily needs. Revenue-Generating Initiative: $1 million in ARPA funds shifted to establish a three-year Commerce City capacity-building grants team.
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Initiatives: Strict oil and gas regulations led to all 10 proposed sites withdrawn or expired. Held Suncor accountable for emission exceedances and water contamination. Panelist at National League of Cities Conference in Washington, DC

Commitments: Service to Constituents; City Council Liaison to Senior Commission, Adams County Regional Economic Partnership, Water Commission, Growing Water Smart team, Regional Airport Coordinating Committee, and Parks, Recreation & Golf Advisory Committee; and council committees of Boards & Commissions and Policy & Governance.


We’re grateful for any amount you contribute to help our campaign reach more voters. $10 helps us knock doors for two hours in Commerce City, $25 helps print signs and literature, $50 helps us send information through the mail to 200 voters.

Please visit https://secure.actblue.com/donate/susannoble4ward4 to join our team!

Thank you!


[email protected]


Paid for by Committee to Re-Elect Susan Noble Ward 4